Paramilitary Action

Dear Friends: Since Alex threatened asked me nicely to post a photo of his shooting achievement the other day, here it is: Where did he learn to shoot like this? In ‘Nam. That’s right. Now, back to me. Look closely at this metal chicken, my friends. It is tiny, no? Yes. It is. This miniscule metal chicken? I shot it. ...

More Hot Virgo Action

To the Residents of San Francisco: If you should be out driving in your fair city, and see a cute greek boy speed by on his bike, giving you the finger because you just cut him off, stop and give him a hug for me, would you? Because that’s Jay, and today is his birthday. Thanks!Jenni


Dear Friends: Alex is arriving in the Twin Cities this very afternoon. We can’t wait to see him again: alex: I really look forward to hanging out with you guysme: you have medical insurance, right? We’re having a big welcome dinner tonight at Chino Latino. 7:30. Stop by if you can. Jenni

Birthday Triple-Play

To Daniel, Stephanie, and Escobar Sanchez: My wish for all of you today: May your days always be sunny, may your gas tank always be full, and may wearing pants always be optional. Happy Birthday!Jenni