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I was born in beautiful Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June, 1973. I grew up first in Addison, Illinois, then Wheaton, which has the highest number of churches per capita in the country. My dad was a DEA agent, so I have many mugshots from my childhood, and we used to play in a surveillance van with a missile launcher mounted in it. I love Chicago, and apart from here and the tropics, it’s probably the only other place I’d consider living.

My dad was transferred back to his hometown of Minneapolis in 1984, and that’s where I’ve been since. I went to Rosemount high school (I technically graduated from Eagan, though I didn’t really go there), and have a BA in Russian from the University of Minnesota.

Since then, I’ve spent most of my work life as a professional nerd. I went from tech support to network administration to web development to database administration to software development. I’m primarily a .NET developer, and my current focus is ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Razor, jQuery, Ajax, and the Twitter Bootstrap framework. I’ve owned and sold a house, lived in various apartments and homes around south Minneapolis, done a ridiculous amount of traveling, had  a million hobbies and awesome friends, and met the love of my life, Matt. We got married in September 2011.

Matt and I have always wanted to live on an island, be as near the ocean as possible, and eventually own a beach bar. In October 2015, we packed up everything we owned and drove a moving truck 2,000 miles to our new home in Key West. I’m not going to say it’s 100% perfect here, but it’s at least 99% perfect.

Things are very good, and they just keep getting better.

There were condoms in the bible drawer.
Why is this site called Chocolate Mussolini? It’s always been called that. Since, like, 1997. Stop asking questions.
(That photo has been here forever, too.)

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