Oh, hey, America:

My Washington DC travel journal is done! It’s half-touristy, half places you should eat and drink next time you’re in our nation’s capitol. That city is so much better than it used to be.

Almost Summer!

Almost Summer!
Catching up! I’ve been really busy at work, and I don’t think much about using computers when I’m at home. My in-laws came to visit on Mother’s day weekend, so we had my family over for a huge brunch on Sunday morning. We had a great time, then went to the Twins game with Matt’s parents. It was floppy hat ...

This State Has Some Good Qualities. 2

This State Has Some Good Qualities.
Since I’m the most deeply cynical human ever when it comes to politics and the possibility of social progress in this country, I was absolutely positive that Minnesota would pass the law last November to ban gay marriage in our state. That was shot down, however, and yesterday the state house voted in favor of legalization instead. It sounds like ...

We’re Brewmasters Now. 2

We're Brewmasters Now.
Last night, we bottled our beer! It ended up being only a slightly messy process, which made me glad we didn’t attempt to do the bottling in the basement, re: carpet. The last step involves letting it condition in the bottle for at least a week. We sampled a bit of what we had left over, and it tastes exactly ...