This State Has Some Good Qualities. 2

This State Has Some Good Qualities.
Since I’m the most deeply cynical human ever when it comes to politics and the possibility of social progress in this country, I was absolutely positive that Minnesota would pass the law last November to ban gay marriage in our state. That was shot down, however, and yesterday the state house voted in favor of legalization instead. It sounds like ...

We’re Brewmasters Now. 2

We're Brewmasters Now.
Last night, we bottled our beer! It ended up being only a slightly messy process, which made me glad we didn’t attempt to do the bottling in the basement, re: carpet. The last step involves letting it condition in the bottle for at least a week. We sampled a bit of what we had left over, and it tastes exactly ...

Who Loves America?

Who Loves America?
This guy.

101 Things v2 Progress Report: April 2013

Begin Date:¬†April 4, 2013 End Date: December 31, 2015 Items Completed: 2 I finished 2 items in April 2013! #42 Get a new WordPress theme for this site #74 Organize the laundry room (I cleaned and reorganized our downstairs pantry, and got rid of a ton of stuff we don’t need anymore. It’s a huge improvement.) Items currently in progress: ...