Camping Season Opener

So, basically, camping is the best and I want to go all the time. Work gets in the way of so many things.

On the way to St Croix Falls Friday afternoon, Matt and I stopped for lunch at the shockingly excellent Belizean San Pedro Cafe in Hudson, then stopped at two liquor stores to find New Glarus’ 20th Anniversary Strong Ale. Casanova was sold out, but they told us to try another place in town that was less frequented by beer nerds. They had a case left, so we grabbed half of it: two for camping, and four to cellar. It’s good, and it’s going to get better over time.

New Glarus 20th Anniversary Strong Ale

We had two campsites partway up the bluff overlooking the St Croix river, each one separated by a ravine with a creek and waterfalls. The view was great, and we were near some hiking areas we hadn’t visited before. There was the requisite amount of settin’ around the campfire, whittling, drinking beer and charring food, too.

we miss you, bill and katie!

Oh, and there were dogs. Five of them, and they were all really cute.

Bishop is good at camping.

Riley is suspicious.


There were also kids who didn’t want to nap… they preferred to hang out instead.

Stella does not want to nap.

There was rain overnight on Friday, but otherwise we had great weather. Matt and I managed to get sunburnt, and I’m not entirely sure how. We hiked in the woods Saturday morning, and kayaked in overcast weather in the afternoon. Wendy and Amelia borrowed our boats, and now they understand just how much they need to own kayaks.

Things got a little violent on Sunday. Our card games are THAT intense.

Gangland-style banana violence at camping must be stopped!

We came home Sunday evening so we could enjoy a day off at home. The weather SUCKS in Minneapolis (we’re never going to see the sun again!), but at least my garden is happy. Tonight I’m going to buy tomatoes and pepper plants, and we have plans to bottle our second batch of beer. The next week is shaping up to be pretty quiet, which is good because in nine days, ten of us are going to Vegas for my birthday!!

Holy crap, I’m old.

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