or a mandoline.

OH HOLY CRAP. So, why I haven’t been back to say hi this week is because I’m covered in hives. This is an entirely new phenomenon to me, as the last time I had them I was 6 months old. They determined at that point that I was allergic to penicillin, and I’ve never reacted to a thing since.

I spent Sunday and Monday being vastly annoyed at the army of mosquitos that was treating me like a buffet at night but leaving Matt entirely alone. When I woke up yesterday, I finally figured out that they weren’t bug bites at all.

I look like a leper, and I’ve decided that the greatest torture device of all time would probably involve just this… wanting to shave your own skin off with a vegetable peeler rather than having to resist scratching anymore. It’s horrible, and it keeps me awake half the night. The doctor told me to take Benadryl and Claritin yesterday, but I woke up with new hives this morning, so I gave up and went to urgent care. I’m now on steroids for 6 days, and the possible side-effects are kind of terrifying. If they work, though, I don’t care.

Nobody has a clue what caused this in the first place. Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of the things I may suddenly be allergic to:

  • bar-hopping with Matt’s parents, their friends, and Cindi, Missy, and Doran
  • tacos al pastor
  • the Illume exhibit on the Stone Arch Bridge
  • minigolfing in the ridiculous heat
  • masa cakes and tostones
  • knitting a shrug for my black dress
  • having a photo with 10,000 views on Flickr
  • cheap date night at the Riverview: Iron Man was surprisingly awesome!
  • going to a scotch tasting with Kris and Orsi
  • having dinner on the sidewalk along Lyndale

I seriously hope it’s none of those things, because I enjoy them all a lot and wish to participate in them again. So I’ll keep popping steroids (even though that means I’ll never make the Tour de France) and antihistamines, and continue coating myself in a thick layer of hydrocortisone, and hopefully this will all be resolved before I have to resort to the peeler.


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