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Warning! This entire post is about personal finance because it’s something I nerd out to all the time. Part of it is reposted because I’m lazy this fine morning.

I have too many savings accounts already, but I opened another one anyway because it was too good a deal to pass up. It’s through ING, their ‘orange’ savings account, which you’ve probably seen on TV. It pays 3% interest (variable with the market), and the main thing people like about it is that once you have the one checking or savings account, ING lets you open as many as you want. So say you want one account to save money for a car, one for vacation, and one for your stripper cash. You just open three accounts, and can transfer money online between them, or from your bank account elsewhere. I’m using my main one for my emergency fund.

They have a deal where if you deposit $250, they’ll give you $25. I had a similar offer with Sharebuilder, but i had to deposit money, make a trade, and wait 90 days to get my cash. This one is instant, and the $25 even hits your account before your deposit from the bank. It’s an awesome deal, and if you want a referral code for it, let me know. I can enter your email address and have them send you an invite.

Also, Suze Orman is offering her will and trust kit for free for a limited time. Regardless of your age or financial position, you should probably have this, because it includes things like directions for what to do if you’re in a coma and can’t make decisions for yourself. They advise you to prepare all the documents and have them reviewed by a lawyer, obviously, but it’s a great start on something that tends to be really confusing. To sign up, go to her site, click ‘Will & Trust Kit’, and enter the code peoplefirst. You’re welcome.

If you’re looking for a really good money-management/budget tool online for free, try Mint. I’ve been using it for a while now, and absolutely love it. It seems to support more banks than most (even Quicken doesn’t support my credit union, but Mint does!), and they recently added investments and loans. It’s still in beta and has occasional issues, but overall it’s fantastic, and improving constantly.

Alsoalso, you should check out You won’t make any money on it, but you’ll be doing a ton of good. I just got my first repayment and progress report, and it was awesome.

Moneygeek, out. Have an awesome weekend!!


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