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Our yard is shaping up!

Over the weekend, we did a ton of weeding in the garden, including the brick edging, which was overrun with grass. That was a lot of work, and totally worth it.

We managed to get one of the two lawnmowers in the garage running, so Matt did the whole yard, and I went through and pulled dandelions and such. In the garden, I transplanted more herbs, put in amaranth and bean seeds, thinned lettuce, beets, and carrots, and put up poles for the beans and peas. The broccoli and spinach look especially happy right now, and it seems that the squirrels didn’t get any of the bulbs I planted last October.

Our neighbor says that there’s a pretty annoying rabbit population, but we haven’t seen signs of them in the garden yet. Once we do, we have some potent pepper spray to try out. Failing that, there’s always my paintball gun.

Our chairs (the ones Google Adsense bought us) arrived last week, and we assembled them once it was done raining:

There are new colored lights on the arbor, in addition to the white lights that circle the entire yard. There’s new grass coming in, and clematis on the way for the arbor. I planted morning glories, which will hopefully cover the metal fence. There’s a charcoal grill (to accompany the gas one) on the way from Michigan with my parents. The only thing we’re lacking now is a stack of chairs for guests; we have 6 outside so far, but others will just have to bring their camp chairs for now.

And tents, should they wish to stay in the yard. I know I do.

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