the pushbroom anniversary.

Guys! I have a lot to write about, and I’m going to break it into multiple posts so you think I’m superproductive or something.

Yesterday was our 2.5-year anniversary. Since it seems inappropriate to celebrate monthiversaries after a while, we can at least do half-years. Anyway, we decided to go enjoy the leisure hour (which sounds way more awesome than ‘happy hour’, because you can be both happy and leisurely) at Cafe Maude.

Spring + leisure hour + patio-sitting = best anniversary ever.

As the cafe is next door to Settergren’s Hardware, we decided to stop in and get a pushbroom. I’ve been using the tiny indoor broom in our basement to sweep off the patio; it’s worked but been less than ideal. However, when I raked the leaves out of the garage the other day, I decided maybe we should get the real thing.

So, yeah, for our anniversary, I got a pushbroom. The kid at the counter promised it would last a lifetime.

We stopped at Pepitos for burritos, then went home to watch some incredibly exciting hockey. The playoffs have been spectacular this year, haven’t they? I’d be happy with quite a few of those teams taking Stanley home. They should just keep in mind that we kissed him first.

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