Our Friday went like this:

1) Hang out at home watching hockey

2) Leave the house around 9pm, park, go to the 7th Street Entry for wristbands and to check the set times.

3) See that Dillinger Four isn’t playing til 12:30pm.

4) Wander over to NBA City to see if they have any drink specials.

5) They don’t, but Disturbed is playing at Target Center and you can watch them through the arena doors. It’s amusing.

6) Go over to MacKenzie’s to play Naked Ladies. Enter your high scores in the Kardashians’ names.

7) Cross the street to the Chambers and fail at finding a seat at the bar.

8) Go to Bradstreet instead. Be somewhat disappointed that the bar is full, but it’s kind of awesome that you get to sit on swank couches in the lounge.

9) Fall in love with your server and the entire place. Again. They’re amazing.

10) Wander back into the Entry just as D4 is getting started.

11) Dance.

12) Witness this:

If you haven’t seen this local punk legend before… why not? Fix it.

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