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How awesome was this weekend? This awesome:

Friday afternoon, I went to a half-hour long happy hour with Mary, where I finally got to see the new 501 Club (was: Matty B’s, now owned by the 331 Club folks). Then Matt and I rushed over to St Paul for the Cinco de Mayo festivities in District del Sol. We saw all the lowriders (god, they’re amazing), had margaritas and elotes and the best masa cake ever, then watched the hydraulic showdown. All I know is I’m going to Cinco de Mayo there every year. It beats Grand Old Day by a mile.

Afterwards, we met Joe and Missy at Lyle’s to watch the rest of the Twins game, then headed downtown to the 508 Bar (what’s with the numbered bars? I get them confused) for Ben’s birthday party. I’m especially glad we got to see Mikey, as he left for a few months in Saudi Arabia yesterday for work. Crazy. Oh, and after that, we went dancing in the VIP room at First Ave, while there was a motorcycle rally-related show going on in the main room.

Saturday, we walked to the grocery store, worked in the yard, watched the Kentucky Derby while drinking Mint Juleps, then went to Marc and Sara’s for their wedding reception/party. Public Static was playing in the driveway, which was incredibly awesome, until the police showed up (they’d notified all the neighbors, but apparently one just wanted to be an ass). Then we hung out around the bonfire all night, and assisted Joe in making poor drinking decisions. These involved drinking Captain and Capri-Sun, mixed right in the packet from his mouth. That guy is awesome.

Yesterday, Matt and I went to the farmers market for things like meat and fancy tortillas and black bean tamales (I love that all of these can be had there), and some fruit and many plants. I tried to stick to only things that should be planted already, despite my urges to buy things like tomatoes and such, because those need to wait. Anyway, we planted a good portion of an herb garden, and I started broccoli and peas. We also hung multicolored lights on the arbor (as a contrast to the string of white lights that circle the entire yard), and then sat on the patio being very self-satisfied and awesome. Then Matt grilled an entire pork loin and wanted to marry it. I’m ok with that, as long as he doesn’t buy it a ring. That’s just weird.

Later, we watched Tropic Thunder and laughed way harder than we probably should have.

And this morning, I arrived at work with a hickey. Huh.

P.S. How cute are these mittens I finally finished? They’re being sold in a silent auction for our 3-Day team. Details to follow!

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