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Last night, Matt and I were sitting on the patio* at McMahons, and had a really excellent idea: we need this van.

How could you not want a 400-person** white party van for $3998? We decided to install benches in the back, with taps and coolers. A bed suspended from the ceiling by a winch. A grill mounted on the back door, at Jon’s suggestion.  We could take it camping and tailgating, use it for hauling whatever needs driving around, and probably even have some dance parties in there.  We could even live in it, if necessary. What’s not to like?

And since we won $100 at trivia again, we’re part of the way towards making this dream a reality. The dream of the PARTY VAN. You know you want a lift.

* actually just a table with plastic chairs on the sidewalk
** possibly a slight exaggeration, though I’d be willing to test that

P.S. My favorite boy in the world has a new blog! Go now.

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  2. Reply LeighNo Gravatar May 9, 2009 9:24 am

    My friend had a converted ambulance that they used for tailgating at Vikings games. The retro-filled a grill so it rolled out of the back like the stretcher did.

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