don’t call it a comeback.

I’ve been busy! Because, listen: Colleen came to visit. We had a party, a day with three hangovers, and then time spend running around showing her things and laughing a lot. Also, she took us to Costco with her membership. We’re so Midwest it hurts.

We even got to see the spoon bridge sans cherry, which has just been returned today:

After dropping her off at the airport Wednesday post-work, Matt and I went to our first Twins game of the season. It was a remarkable blowout on the Twins’ part, so I’m guessing what they really needed to get their season going was us. Also, I totally won Twingo. When we went down to the counter to claim a prize, though, they wouldn’t give it to me. They had some explanation about how K-WP (strikeout, wild pitch) wasn’t the same as K-WP (strikeout, wild pitch). I dunno. Since the prize was probably an Applebee’s gift card, that at least keeps a little bit of plastic out of the landfills. I’m very green, as you know.

Last night, we Dined Out For Life at Victor’s 1959. Then we spend some glorious time on the couch, something that’s been rare lately. I knit during the Bulls-Celtics game (except for the times I was busy yelling or pulling my hair out), then the Blackhawks-Canucks game. We even put a bunch of leftover party stuff away, so now our house is very shiny and ready for the weekend.

Weekend!!! I can’t wait. But I’ll tell you about then after it happens. Have a good one, dudes and ladies.

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