straight up now tell me

Yesterday, Mikey had to quit bowling because he’s too busy at work. This was far sadder than any bowling-related news should be. We celebrated his memory with Paula Abdul (it’s a long story) and a less-than-stellar performance last night. My handicap series record is still intact, though, with one more week to go!

Tonight we’re putting on our fancypants (which for the ladies means NO PANTS AT ALL) and going to dinner and cocktails. The only time I ever have to paint my toenails in the winter is to go to the tropics, so this is a big deal. We’re having dinner at Barrio, then have to find some kind of entertainment afterwards that involves:

  • a relatively chill environment
  • cockails (this won’t be a problem)
  • the potential for dancing
  • a location very near Barrio, re: the cold and wearing not many clothes.


I will report back on our success.

Happy birthday to Jon!!

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