i’m kind of embarrassed to even say ‘cowl’. 2

So, it’s gone from pretty damn cold to really intolerably cold here, and every day when I wrap my Gophers scarf around my head and tie it in a way-too-time-consuming way, I think about how I really want to knit a cowl to use instead. Most cowls I’ve seen seem to be more for fashion than function. I want one that I can pull up over my nose and mouth like I do with my scarf. I care far less how it looks, than that it’s keeping me alive and unfrozen.

I plan to get some bulky yarn and just make something up, but I’ve become paralyzed with uncertainty about the fact that I have to breathe through it. I want to make it out of wool for warmth, but what if it’s the kind of wool that gets stinky when it’s wet? I’ve blocked enough items to be familiar with that particular stank. What if it gets all musty and gross? What if it felts onto my face or something? God. I just don’t even know. Maybe I should use a blend instead of 100% wool. Maybe my (acrylic!) Gophers scarf is just fine.

Anyway, I know there are many knitters around here, so any advice is appreciated.

2 thoughts on “i’m kind of embarrassed to even say ‘cowl’.

  1. Reply jumiNo Gravatar Dec 12, 2008 1:12 pm

    #1, call it a gaiter, it sounds cooler
    #2, silk is actually warmer than wool (but it can smell pretty bad wet too).
    #3, a superwash wool is probably processed enough that it wouldn’t be so bad wet (I haven’t blocked many superwash things, however).
    #4, here’s some inspiration (if you’re not totally set on making it up from scratch).

  2. Reply jenniNo Gravatar Dec 12, 2008 1:16 pm

    someone else suggested superwash, too. that makes sense, re: the washing part. i’m considering getting worsted merino and doubling it up, because i want something bulky.

    i love the cinch on the top of that one to make it a hat!

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