God, what an awesome time we had last night. We dressed up, Matt in a suit and me in a dress. I wore wool socks and sneakers in the car, and changed shoes in the ramp, since it was 10 degrees out. We met Missy and Jon at the News Room to celebrate Jon’s birthday, (we ran into Chris there, too), then went across the street to Barrio, where we found Jumi, Josh, Cindi, and Adam waiting.

I’ve heard very bad things about Barrio’s service; we’d been there before, but sat at the bar. Apart from the fact that there was a 15-minute wait to get our table at 9:30, the service was excellent, as were the food and drinks. Matt had a beverage containing both tequila and absinthe, and looked very happy about that.

Afterwards, we decided to head to the nearest lounge, which was at the W Hotel. We thought perhaps it wouldn’t be crowded, what with the weather, but it was packed. It sucked for a while standing near the bar, because people kept bumping into us and spilling our drinks, mostly on Missy. A guy stopped me without a word to read my tattoo, and then released me in a kind of dismissive way, as if he’d just wanted to proofread. (I discovered that people are even more fascinated with reading my chest when I’m dressed up than when I’m in normal clothing. Girls in the bathroom at Barrio were having a whole conversation about it. So funny.) We finally found a group of couches together, and then the place suddenly became way more entertaining.

Josh ordered a $45 fishbowl of a drink that was exactly like the Wondrous Punch at the Red Dragon, only much better. We passed that around and ordered other cocktails from our server, dubbed Tila Tequila. Doran lost count of his Manhattans. Matt and I danced to a remix of ‘True’ by Spandau Ballet (we’re not proud of that), and were convinced that Visanthe Shianco was there on the dance floor with us. We had a group photo taken, a la crappy family Christmas portrait. When I went to the bathroom, I met a lady who was busily working on trying to sneak one of the fishbowl drinks out of the bar in her shirt; she’d emptied it into something else, but was doing a poor job of concealing it. I offered to be her cover, so we left the bathroom and headed toward the exit in what was probably the least stealthy way imaginable, with her holding my shoulder and hunching behind me.

We left when the lights came up, and Matt was kind enough to pick me, Cindi, and Adam up on the corner. Not that we were really noticing the cold at that point. We went to get food at the Santana’s of the south, and found ourselves on the couch around 3:30pm, thinking we should probably go to bed.

Today we met Doran, Missy, Ryan, Chris and Meg at the mall for Doran’s drinking-and-shopping party. Matt and I went early to scope stuff out for my Workmas party, and I’m very excited about our finds. We finished all our shopping, and ended the trip at Cantina #1. Matt and I headed out after that, to come home and prepare for the most important event of the weekend:


And it’s that time! We’re off to Mariucci.

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