I keep meaning to write today, and as the day goes on I’m getting sicker and sicker. I even went across the street and paid $7 for Dayquil. MAN.

Therefore, I will do a very abbreviated version of the last week, and hope to return soon with full sentences.

  • haircut, shopping, dyeing, watching the USA-Mexico futbol game, being gay
  • made camping reservations for Memorial Day (YAY!!!), made plans for Vegas this summer, went to Suzi’s for pizza and Jaro’s to play naked ladies
  • got my awesome tax refund, went to the Wolves-Celtics game (KG was kind of a dick), saw the end of the Gophers game at Big 10, closed the Dragon (this was too spectacular to describe; we loved it)
  • HOCKEY DAY!! watched a lot of hockey, went to Michelle’s baby shower, watched more hockey, went to Lyle’s, watched more hockey
  • got a 2nd guitar for Guitar Hero (seriously, SO MUCH FUN), went to Tom Reid’s for lunch, got free Swarm tickets, went to Swarm game (the announcer, Rusty, who was with the Saints til recently, led us in the Monty Python lumberjack song when the Portland Lumberjacks took the field), saw the Swarm remain unbeaten (and therefore Minnesota’s #1 sports franchise)
  • hung out and cuddled with a sick boy
  • went to the Gophers/Illini game at the Barn (that’s basketball, FYI), saw Michael Jordan’s son and the entire Gophers team suck, despite having playoff hopes, got home and stumbled on Purple Rain on TV, so we of course had to watch half of it
  • woke up feeling fine, came to work and rapidly started getting Matt’s plague. BLECH.

Tonight I am going to do my best to recuperate, because who wants to be sick on Valentine’s Day? NOT ME.


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