And with the snow yesterday came a realization: I really do need winter tires. The salt in the trunk is not gonna cut it.

So I stopped at Steve’s Tire and Auto, the place in my neighborhood most-recommended by the internet. I was so impressed with the guys there. They were super-nice, not condescending (any lady who’s spend time in an auto repair shop knows exactly what I mean), and were very concerned about cost. Because, you see, it turns out an entire new set of wheels plus snow tires is actually cheaper than tires to fit the custom rims on my car. Hahaha.

I ordered them and they should be here sometime this week. They’ll come mounted and balanced, which means there’ll be very little expense in the spring and fall when they have to swap them out again. My car will have two sets of wheels.

I feel like I should probably be crabby about the cost (go ahead, just guess. Matt did, and I told him it was actually double that price), but I’m not. The thing about having expensive/over-the-top taste in cars is that… well, yeah, it costs money. And me driving my awesome car and not dying in the winter? It’s worth it.

Date night tonight!! I can’t wait!

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