to-go cups are the leading indicator of a good time.

Date night last night.

6:05pm Seated at Pepitos. Order giant margaritas.

6:10pm Realize we’re sitting in the booth Dino Ciccarelli once sat in.

6:20pm Food arrives. It’s much better than expected, even though I keep burning myself on my plate.

6:50pm Get our tab. Order movie tickets from our server for $1 off, making them $4.

7:00pm Enter the Parkway Theater with our margaritas in to-go cups.

7:05pm Pick out a loveseat near the front, along the right side.

7:10pm Take turns going to the bathroom. That was a lot of margarita.

7:15pm Begin watching Role Models. We’re the only people there.

8:00pm Realize that it’s wet in the crack between the cushions. Suspect this is probably due to the intense humidity in the theater, but don’t really want to think about it.

9:15pm Head home and watch the end of the ridiculous Timberwolves game.

10:00pm None of your business.

Best date night ever. Run, don’t walk, to the Pepitos Parkway Entertainment Complex. It is seriously awesome.

P.S. Here’s your public service announcement for today: please don’t forget to donate to charity this holiday season. It’s more necessary than ever.

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