there’s no doubt we’ll come out hard in the third pariod.


Dudes, there is seriously a lot of hockey going on this weekend. It’s like the Twin Cities version of Mardi Gras, but it’s too cold to flash your tits. We’re going to the Gophers game tonight, and have been paying as much attention as possible to the high school hockey tournament. I’m hoping it comes down to Edina vs Roseau in AA; I had to apologize to my dad for not backing his alma mater, but Roseau has Aaron Ness, who should make for a pretty spectacular Gopher next year. It’s very exciting.

Last night, I decided to drive my modem over to Comcast so that I’d never have to speak to them again. I was all set to be annoyed, based on my first attempt to return it in Richfield. For some reason, there was absolutely no traffic on Washington Avenue, so I was able to speed right over to the store on Plymouth. Then there was nobody waiting in line, the lady was nice, and I was out the door in 3 minutes. Holy crap, Comcast. Why’d you have to wait til our breakup to be nice to me? Don’t get me wrong, I still hate you. But thanks anyway.

Tuesday night, Matt and I had dinner at Merlin’s Rest. I’d wanted to try it for a while, but we decided we should probably wait til all the bloggers decided to move on to the next big thing. Their menu is incredible; they have an entire page of vegetarian dishes (with fake meat that goes beyond the Gardenburger variety!), and an extensive Scotch list. We were thrilled until Matt sat there for 45 minutes with an empty glass, and it took us half an hour to get our tab. Jesus, the service sucked. I’m guessing it was probably an isolated incident and maybe the server was drunk and it was her first day, but still. It was terrible, and almost made us late to the Riverview. We saw Michael Clayton in the newly-refurbished (or re-seated) theatre. Sadly, the autistic guy who’s usually there on Tuesdays and repeats all the lines from memory was not in attendance.

Wednesday night, we had our regular date with Slax. I love their jukebox, and their food, and the fact you can probably see any sporting event you want there. I don’t like that it’s so crowded (it’s cheap pitcher and trivia night), or that one of the toilets was flooding and one had vomit all over the place, so we all had to wait in line for one stall. There were too many of us for one table, so we split up to play trivia. Team Vajayjay (Wendy, Cindi, and I) won the first round, which meant we earned four shots from the bar. We’re awesome.

Last night involved a lot of domesticity: cleaning for Matt’s parents’ arrival on Sunday, laundry, knitting, and of course watching hockey and Survivor.

This might surprise you, but tonight we’re going to the Gophers game. After that, we’ll probably catch up on high school hockey. And maybe go to a bar, if we’re feeling really wild and crazy. You know how we do.

Happy weekend!

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