it’s summer!

I HAVE A WII INJURY from Matt smacking me with a baseball bat the Wii remote while playing baseball. And I was just laughing about the people at SXSW being huge nerds.

His parents have been in town since Sunday, and we’ve had an awesome time. They took us out to Palomino on Sunday night to celebrate birthdays (Judy’s and Matt’s), and last night we had dinner at his apartment. Also, they’re in love with the Wii. It’s kind of the cutest thing ever, and I hope they get one when they get home.

Staying at my apartment wasn’t as bad as I worried it would be. I thought I might be sad without the cats there, but I actually felt better about it; I’m so thrilled they found a good home, and I don’t feel bad about the situation anymore. Also, I don’t get fur in my nose all night long. That’s kind of nice.

Also, I took a bath with a Lush bath bomb that Matt’s mom bought, and oh my god, it was the best smell ever. It’s also packed full of bits of seaweed, and as it dissolves, it comes springing out like little worms, which freaked me out until I realized what it was. I made a point of washing them all down really well this morning; if I hadn’t, I’d see them in there in a week and freak out about what the hell was in my bathtub. Anyway, I probably could’ve slept in there. So nice.

Over the weekend-time, there was a lot of hockey. Matt and I went to the Gophers game Friday night to witness a very gratifying win, then we joined our homies at the Dragon. Now, I’m pretty well-acquainted with the antics in ladies’ rooms across the Twin Cities, but this situation won for completely messed up: Wendy and I were in there waiting in line, with a really drunk girl insisting I read her the text of my tattoos. She then started composing an essay on them; luckily, she didn’t seem to notice that I wasn’t paying attention. A group of girls came barging in, and one of them flung the door to the handicapped stall open. She said, “I know you’re in there puking, but this girl has to pee.” They kicked the girl out, and she proceeded to continue vomiting in the trash can right next to us. Three or four girls crammed into the handicapped stall and continued peeing. At that point, I was begging Wendy to just go outside, but she didn’t want to because it was freezing. We barely survived.

Saturday, Matt and Cindi and I headed over to Xcel Center to see the boys’ high school class A championship, between St Thomas Academy and the Duluth Marshall Hilltoppers (favorite STA chant: What’s a Topper? *clap clap clapclapclap*). The rich kids won, of course, but it was OK because they have a future Gopher. We had an extremely awesome lunch at the Liffey, then headed home for some couchtime before heading to Lyle’s to see more hockey. We watched the Gophers game, and got updates from Cindi on the AA championship. Willis and Ryan joined us, and this happened.

I’ve already told you about the rest of the weekend, except for the fact that Dustin and Michele (Cindi’s sister) had their baby on Sunday night!! Welcome to the world, Enchilada! Here’s hoping that nickname sticks with you forever.

I do believe it’s time for lunch now. Hello, buffalo unchicken sammich at Grumpy’s.

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