as if we needed more reasons to celebrate!

It may not be right to shove three extra bucks in the pop machine just to get quarters for laundry, but it sure feels right. I need my Gophers-themed clothing to be clean by tomorrow.

I was going to recap this whole weekend, but it seems like an insurmountable task right now. Basically, we went out a ton for Wendy‘s birthday. I got her a Hpnotiq gift set and the Big Coloring Book of Vaginas. There was this point when we found a blank die and decided to make up our own version of D&D involving the salt and pepper shakers and an Operation game with half the pieces missing, and then we were playing naked ladies, and I heard an Usher song that I thought was I’m in Love with a Stripper by T-Pain, and that’s exactly how Wendy ended up getting a phone call from The Governor at 3:30am, because he wanted her to come to an afterparty. This all happened, and some other things did, too.

We gave Merlin’s Rest a try again, for brunch this time. Same damn thing: excellent food, horrible service. At least the guy was nice, but I think we’re done with the place. Lame.

Oh, hey, did I mention that THE GOPHERS WON? I was sore for entire day afterward. I thought last year’s qualifying round was horrific. Also, get well soon, Tom Pohl! I hope to god I never have to see that hit again, because it made me cry.

Matt and I went out Monday night to see the Tim Malloys and hang out with drunk people. We had a good time, and even arrived home in plenty of time to celebrate privately and then watch Top Gear. I think I’m in love with The Stig.

Last night, we went out for Wendy’s actual birthday in Bloomington, as tradition dictates. After dinner and 2-for-1s, we headed to the bowling alley. I learned that I’m a more awesome pool-player than I used to be. I got ‘Motherfuckin’ P-I-M-P’ stuck in my head, which was replaced by ‘Bad Medicine’, which was itself replaced by ‘Tell Me on a Sunday’. I suspect you may not know it, because it’s from an obscure Andrew Lloyd Weber production. I’m pretty sure I rule. Also, we spent far too long debating this situation involving bowling, physics, and Magnus ver Magnusson, the world’s strongest man.

I should also mention the vast importance of this week: I met Wendy three years ago, on her birthday. I met my wonderful boyfriend two years ago Monday. I am a very lucky girl.


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