Oh my god, the Gophers won last night. In regulation. With 12 seconds left in the game.

I don’t think anyone, including us, really expected it. But goddamn, we were hopeful. And loud. Xcel Center was sold out last night (the first time that’s happened at the quarterfinal game in the Final Five), and we were in section 105, row 2. I didn’t even know we were in the second row til a couple days ago; our playoff hopes were so dim when I got the ticket package in the mail, I didn’t even open it, assuming we were in the same fifth-row seats as last year. Holy crap, it’s amazing being that close to the ice!

You can read about it here. I have to finish up some stuff at work, then I’m leaving at noon to head over to St Paul with Wendy and Stephanie. We’re going to go cheer on Denver, and heckle the shit out of the Sioux. I may not have my voice back for a week.

I won’t even mind so much if we don’t win for the second year in a row; just being here is a lot more than anybody would’ve predicted. Best weekend of the entire year. GO GOPHERS!!!


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