Oh, holy crap. I have a website I keep forgetting to update.

Here’s the thing. My back is not awesome. It’s slowly improving, and by slowly, I mean on a geologic-time scale. It’s possible I’m exaggerating, but that’s how it feels. It’s frustrating, and causing other parts of my back to hurt.

When I’m not taking ibuprofin, I’ve been doing things like having a first-of-spring BBQ on Matt’s patio (the furniture wasn’t out yet, so we brought out our tiny grillbot and managed to do pretty well). Then the Wild game was on TV, and we all know how that went. Wednesday, we went to the Twins game with Pete and Missy, and got to sit in Matt’s season ticket seats behind home plate. Holy crap, they’re awesome. And just for us, they won! Thanks, Jason Kubel(ka)!

Last night, Matt and Cindi and I went to take on pub quiz at Keegan’s. We took first place, then second place. We got a total of six free drinks and six entries into the drawing for the trip to Boston. Then we went to Big 10 to watch the Wild, and found more trivia and free drinks for the ladies. Unfortunately, my back tried to murder me. I’m pretty sure it’s wrenched loose one of my ribs and is using it to stab me. That’s the only thing that makes sense, really.

Matt manhandled my back into submission last night, and he can feel where it’s busy building scar tissue. BLECH. And, really, I think it’s about time to stop obsessing about a stupid injury. It’ll go away.

And it’s Friday. The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous. And I’m half-packed for vacation already.

Hope yours is excellent, dudes!


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