talento de barrio

OK, I keep forgetting I have a blog. I think I need to put regular updates on my to-do list or something.

But I’ve been very busy doing things such as making another bulleted list for you! Oh, and other things such as…

  • poker night at Dan’s
  • happy hour with Matt at The News Room
  • went out with the homies to Mayslack’s and the Knight Cap; danced the Cupid Shuffle
  • Saw Matt’s boss’ husband’s comedy show at the Joke Joint, which was hysterical
  • Witnessed 15 concurrent trainwrecks at Beginagains
  • Made a pornographically-good peach pie
  • Went to Minnehaha Falls and jacked a surrey
  • Played bocce in the park, where Cindi tried to end my season by dropping a ball on my foot
  • Went clothes-shopping and got caught in the freak hailstorm
  • Saw two giant rainbows in a weekend
  • Went to the Industrial for dinner and hockey
  • Joined many people for Klein’s birthday party at Mayslack’s
  • Proceeded to the Otter for karaoke
  • Went to Grand Old Day, which gets more ridiculously awesome every year
  • Saw probably the 3rd-best Doomtree show I’ve seen, and that’s saying a LOT
  • Had tres amigos and a margarita outside at A La Salsa
  • Had lunch with Wendy at The Ugly Mug
  • Did a lot of knitting so I can start new projects
  • Washed Matt’s socks and underwear and met him at the door with a cocktail after the Twins game last night. Am I the best girlfriend ever or what?
  • Watched one of the best Stanley Cup games ever. Third overtime! The Pens are still in it (I want the Red Wings to win, but not til game 7)! HOCKEY SEASON ISN’T OVER YET!

Whew. That’s summer, I guess. If only the weather would get in on it!

Happy… what day is it? Tuesday, I guess! See you soon.

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