two bitches, one for each nut

I can’t stop giggling at my desk today, because I keep thinking of things we talked about this weekend. I seriously laughed so hard that my ribs ached the whole time.

While camping at Brunet Island, we:

  • went canoeing
  • made a lot of awesome food over the fire
  • had a dance party on a picnic table
  • kept my perfect bocce season intact
  • discovered that Tang is the ultimate mixer
  • fed the entire Midwestern mosquito population
  • played many, many card games
  • got evacuated from our campsite
  • survived a tornado
  • …and I wore pajama bottoms the whole time. It’s the right thing to do.

Since we stayed there for 3 nights instead of the usual two, we walked over to the RV part of the campground and took showers on Sunday. I thought that was the greatest shower of my life until we got home yesterday and showered again. Bug spray plus mud plus campfire smoke plus general outdoors-all-day stank makes for a hell of a cleanup task. I even cut and repainted my nails, because my toenail polish absorbed all the dirt in Wisconsin and turned black. Blech.

Anyway, we were home before 1pm yesterday, which gave us plenty of time to clean up and put away all the camping stuff. I potted some plants, knitted, and then we fell asleep on the floor for an hour. After the Red Wings-Penguins game, I promptly fell asleep on Matt’s lap and slept from 10pm til 7am. 9 hours of sleep, and I’m still inclined to doze on my desk this afternoon. All that relaxation is hard work!

Here are photos from camping, and also from the draft party, which happened last Thursday night and I’d already forgotten about due to camping excitement.

Could we get some summer now, please? It was 80 degrees when we packed up yesterday, and now we’re back to jacket-wearing season. LAME.

Hope your long weekend was awesome!

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