Meet my new car!!

It’s a 2006 Pontiac GTO in BRAZEN ORANGE. 6-speed, V8, practically guaranteed to earn me some speeding tickets, but it’ll be worth it. (More pictures here!)

Moondance was spectacular as always, and I can’t really explain things like Thomas Slade, the log who killed two dudes in prison, or the bobcat that sounded more like a panther, or the China-Japan owls, or evocative rubble, or, really, how damn awesome it was to see Sammy Hagar and Poison and an all-girl band playing AC/DC. Instead, you can look at the many pictures and videos and be sad that your last weekend was far more boring, only partly because you didn’t dance at the Party Bus til 4:30am and then have to get up the next morning to go home. OW.

Sunday, we got home around 4pm, and I spent far more time laying down than I did upright. I kept almost dozing off all day yesterday, too. Today I feel as if I have finally recovered from Moondance! Tonight we’re going to take a little roadtrip in my car to beautiful Blaine, Minnesota, to watch the Thunder play an actual Championship league team, which is very exciting. I’ve already chosen my favorite player: their goalkeeper, Diego Penny. How awesome is that name? I think it might actually work for my car.


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