singin’ sweet home alabama all summer long

  1. We bought tickets to see Rage Against the Machine at Target Center during the RNC. I didn’t really care all that much that they were $60. I saw Rage exactly 15 years ago at the Lollapalooza they moved indoors (to the then-St Paul Civic Center!) because Harriet Island was underwater.(Side note: whenever a music fan gives me shit for being old, I remind them that I’ve seen Nirvana live in a very small venue.)
  2. We also got tickets for Take Back Labor Day. I wasn’t planning on going at first, since we’re camping that weekend and will probably be hungover and packing up our stuff that morning. I’ve seen Atmosphere and Lupe before, and I’ll obviously see Tom Morello at the Rage show. But somehow, SOMEHOW, I managed to miss Mos Def in that lineup. When I noticed that last night in Citypages, the choice was made… I must see Mos Def. That dude is second in awesomeness only to Jay-Z.
  3. I think I’m starting to love the republicans for bringing their stupid-ass hatefest convention to my state. We’re getting some spectacular shows because of it. Did I mention we’re going to the Daily Show taping on Tuesday as well? Jon Stewart is third in awesomeness to Jigga and Mos Def.
  4. Cindi got about a million Vikings tickets for tonight’s pre-season game through work, so we’re all going. The game will be fun (we’re in the 5th row!), but the tailgating will be even more fun. My trunk contains a cooler, grill, and camp chairs. As I leave work at 4, the tailgating will begin promptly at 4:03.
  5. Other plans this weekend: brunch, maybe chillin’ at the lake, Irish Fest to see Flogging Molly, and the Thunder game on Sunday, because they’re having Mexican food and cerveza. You can’t really go wrong with that, even in Blaine.

Have an excellent weekend, everybody!

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