9 of many

I’m having one of those days where I’m just sitting here being ridiculously happy for no specific reason. Which is how I spend a lot of my time, really.

Here are a few of the possible causes, though:

  1. This weekend, which involved post-work tailgating, 4th-row seats at the Vikings game (thanks, Cindi!), bar-hopping in Northeast, brunch at the Happy Gnome, seeing Flogging Molly at Irish Fest, Mexican karaoke, cocktails at King & I, and Noche Latina at the Thunder game. I’ve spent enought time outside now to reclaim my tan.
  2. Last night, when we scaled Mount Laundry, ate leftover pizza, saw the Twins shut out the Yankees, then watched the Olympics, all while I finished sock #1 for my sister and cuddled with my boyfriend on the couch.
  3. The many exciting upcoming events in the next few months: N.O.R.E, the state fair, labor day camping, the TBLD show, the Daily Show taping, Rage Against the Machine, crewing the 3-Day, the beginning of hockey season, Vegas, moving.
  4. The fact that I’ve had excellent service from the Walser dealership where I got my car. I have to admit I’m really surprised about that.
  5. The book I’m reading, because I’m a huge nerd for that stuff, and because Swaptree provided it to me yesterday. I love that site.
  6. This, which made me all teary-eyed at my desk.
  7. Switching my 2nd checking account to Schwab from Wachovia, because Wachovia… well, they suck. I was a huge fan of the Way2Save account, but their shitty service has driven me into the arms of Charles Schwab. Matt was correct in recommending it.
  8. The sickness is cured, and I’m kind of glad I managed to pick the most miserable two weeks of summer to get it. Now it’s perfect outside (despite the rain today), and I’m very glad to be back to the gym again. I missed it.
  9. Life is just awesome in general.

Happy… uh, what day is it? Tuesday. Right!

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