400 seabiscuits!

Dudes. I am nerding out hardcore about my car.

An episode of Top Gear the other day prompted Matt to recall that my car was manufactured by Holden in Australia. Which is good, because then I can continue to not drive American cars, yet reap the benefits of having the descendent of the original muscle car. Mine is a 2006, the last model year (though I was told they’re re-introducing the GTO in 2009), and it’s the only year they made it in Brazen Orange. Out of the 13,000 cars they built, I’m dying to know how many of mine are out there. They’re still selling it in Australia, as the Holden Commodore, and this is what the new one will look like. WANT.

And it has the same engine as the Corvette. And Jeremy Clarkson loves it. And holy crap, it’s fast. And did I mention that it’s orange?

Anyway. My car still needs a name, and I should probably go get it the correct license plates. At least it has a Gophers hockey sticker, so that’s a start.

I should probably work now!

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