101 Things v2 Progress Report: August 2013

Begin Date: April 4, 2013
End Date: December 31, 2015
Items Completed: 11

I finished 1 item in August 2013!

#29 Learn double knitting and make something with it (Done!)

I have no excuse for not doing more. Well, I have a few excuses, but they’re not great. We’ve just been really busy this month what with work, profiting off Matt’s childhood on eBay (I should’ve put more financial goals on this list, I guess, because we’re at $1,300 now), Wendy’s wedding, and keeping my garden producing in this ridiculous heat wave.

Items currently in progress:

#34 Try 40 new recipes [16/40] (Stuffed Poblanos)

#62 Learn asynchronous programming

#67 Update my web dev skills to the current era (This has ramped up about a thousand percent with all the Ajax and jQuery I’ve been working with, plus I’ve implemented some async features and learned more about .less. I’m going to consider this pretty close to done.)

#99 Put $20 towards debt payoff/savings for each completed task on this list, and $50 for each non-completed task ($220)

Here’s the full list.

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