The Last Many Days

OK, so it’s only been approximately 5 weeks since I updated. That’s a good excuse for photos and very short sentences!

(I do think, “I should update my blog!” daily. I just never have time.)

So, our office minigolf competition! It was great. Ours was wedding-reception themed, and we went super-creepy-style and printed full-size posters of my coworker and his wife, since we were also celebrating their wedding. We had a DJ booth platform with a plinko-style ramp made of champagne glasses, and a bunch of obstacles with photos of people to avoid at the wedding. The whole thing was edged in rope lights, which are now hanging in our yard.

our minigolf hole: the wedding reception

Apparently ours was awesome; we nearly swept the awards. I still haven’t had a drink out of that cup, though.

we won THREE trophies!

After minigolf, we took the train over to the other side of town and went on the Traveling Tap. (We were reprimanded a lot for calling it the Pedal Pub, since they contend they’re more awesome.) I was kind of wary of doing that based on just how popular the pedal pubs are to people NOT on the pedal pub, but it ended up being really fun, and way more work than you’d expect. Being downtown helped, too, because we were in places that had mostly emptied out for the weekend.

Chasing the coworkers

As usual, we did some bar-hopping with the coworkers and had a room at the Westin afterward. I love that place.

The next day was Wendy’s Bachelor’ish’ party. We played bocce at the Nomad, and then went to have dinner and wander around Northeast. It was relaxed and awesome, and we hit all of the most entertaining spots, like Nye’s, the Otter (where Wendy ended up with temporary neck tattoos), and the Northeast Palace. I’m not sure if she remembers the Palace, really.

the cap'n got a box stuck on her leg.

Sunday night, we went to see Kermit Ruffins at the Dakota with Ryan and Chris. That immediately led to the planning of another trip to New Orleans.

The next week was chill. We had Saturday Afternoon Meats at our house on Saturday, and Sunday went to join a bunch of fancy rich people for the Polo Classic. Seriously, it was amazing.

2013 Polo Classic

The women dressed up in Kentucky-Derby-like outfits with giant hats for the hat parade. They have miniature horses, an exotic car show, and a silent auction where Anna won a cigar-rolling party.

A tiny horse wearing a hat!

Also, you can get bottles of champagne for $15. We’ll for sure be going again next year.

2013 Polo Classic

My garden hit full swing in August, and my tomato plants are producing waaaay more than last year. I’ve been canning and freezing like crazy, and looking for excuses to use up hot peppers (I made amazing candied habaneros), squash, and kale. Our watermelons look like they might actually make it, too! I figured the squirrels would have eaten those the second they started growing.

today's harvest

My one lone knitting project of the summer finally wrapped up. Double knitting is awesome, but it takes forever. I’m glad I started small. (The other project occupying a large amount of our home time is listing Matt’s toys on eBay! It’s a lot of work, but it’s incredibly lucrative, as we’ve discovered.)

Double Knitting

Sarah threw a “Celebrity Meltdown Party” for Doran’s 35th birthday, and we all dressed up. I went as Courtney Love, with smeared makeup and heroin packets in my bra. Sarah went as pregnant Courtney Love. Somehow we managed to not fight at all.

Christie and Nick

The next week, we hosted the inaugural Trivial Decisions at Pour Decisions brewery. Matt was the quizmaster, and I kept score. We were worried that nobody would show up, but the place ended up totally packed, and it was great. We have another round next Thursday, and will continue on the first Thursday of every month. You should definitely be there.

We also FINALLY got in our kayaks again, and met Katie for some boating and dinner at Lake Nokomis. After dinner, we went to go find the lake monster, who promptly attacked Matt.

Matt defends himself from the lake monster

We had happy hour with Matt’s boss and her husband, a minigolf tournament with a bunch of people, and went to a Lynx game a couple weekends ago. Wendy thinks it was our first Lynx game, so don’t tell her otherwise.

Last weekend, the in-laws showed up on Thursday for the wedding festivities. Wendy and I went to get our nails done like some fancy ladies (I got rainbow glitter toenails, a personal dream of mine since I was probably 8 years old), and then Matt and I went out to dinner with his parents at Burch Pizza. Yep, that place is still great.

Friday, we took the day off to hang out with them, and went to the fair. Matt had to drop off his entry in the Spam competition. Here he is proudly wearing his Spam entry ribbon:

Matt's Spam ribbon

Apparently this fair was all about meat, because his parents loved the pork chops on a stick.

Harlan and Judy eating pork chops on a stick

We had some food, sampled some beer, wandered around, saw some music, rode the Skyride, saw the Clydesdales, and went on the ferris wheel. Then it was time to head home so Judy could go for her haircut, and Matt and I went to the rehearsal dinner, which was excellent.

Saturday was Wendy and Amelia’s wedding!! It was really extremely hot outside, but we had shade and lots of wind, which helped a lot. It was such a fun wedding, and I survived my best-(wo)man speech, which caused me terror and shaking to no end. Also, it was really exciting that both my parents and in-laws got to attend their first gay wedding.

Wendy and Amelia are married!

Speaking of which, even though I can cry even thinking about weddings, I did an excellent job of holding it together while we were all up at the ‘altar’. I stared at the giant American flag blowing proudly behind the other half of the wedding party, because it struck me as really funny. But then when Chele got to “by the power vested in me by the state of Minnesota,” I lost it.

Thanks to the very many of you who mentioned that to me afterwards. Jerks.

Bouquets, made by Amelia!

This week, we went to lawyer happy hour with Mike and Chad, then to sweat our asses off at a very poorly-attended (and played) Twins game. I worked from home Wednesday so we could have both the plumber and HVAC guys over; the plumber fixed our drains right quick, but the furnace guy was another story. See, our furnace started leaking last week, to the point where the carpet next to it is it soaked (why is there carpet around a furnace, anyway?). Our landlord arranged for the guy to come take a look, and he said it’s not fixable. Not only is the condenser part of the A/C rusted out (hence the leak), there’s a crack in the heat exchanger that could kill us via carbon monoxide in the winter.

So we’re getting a new furnace and possibly air conditioner next week. Despite the mass quantity of water in the carpet (thankfully I have a carpet cleaner to suck it up), I’m glad we’re waiting til then since it won’t be a billion degrees. Apparently it could be a multi-day project. Also, I don’t miss owning a home one bit. I prefer that my money go toward travel instead of constantly-breaking appliances.

And now we’re up to the present! Tonight we’re going to see World’s End, tomorrow is State Fair Visit #2, and Sunday is champions day at Canterbury. They sent us a whole bunch of free stuff if we go, so you know we have to take advantage of that.

I’ll be back in a month or so.

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