i’ve gotten love, i’ve gotten drunk, i’ve gotten beat up in that parking lot

Dudes, this RNC shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. (That song will now be in your head for a week. You’re welcome!)

I dislike politics in an extreme way. I hate the marketing and the dumbing-down and the obscene amount of money that’s spent on convincing people to do things they don’t understand or care about anyway. I hate the rhetoric and the bald-faced lying. I’ve known who I’m voting for from the beginning, and the more I have to hear about the election, the less I want to participate. I wish someone had the power to pull the plug from the whole circus. And the funding. And the media’s bloodthirst and exploitation. It’s a good way of highlighting ugliness, and proof that the political arena is the place where integrity goes to die.

The thing with the RNC isn’t even the politics, though. I’m personally offended because:

  1. My hockey arena is full of rednecks and assholes.
  2. There are cops EVERYWHERE. In jackboots, with guns strapped to their legs. If there’s a place where that shit just doesn’t happen, it’s here. And it’s not OK; it’s not the slightest bit healthy for a city to be that way.

I need to research what group of people is responsible for inviting the RNC to St Paul. I assume it’s Pawlenty, and maybe CVB thought it was a great idea, too. I think I’ll break my newswatching ban as soon as this is over, just to wait for the first person to declare this a success. Then I plan to find them and beat them soundly with a 2×4 for causing such distress and trauma in my city.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to ignore politics. There’s real life going on every single day.

We had just about the perfect weekend for camping at Interstate. I achieved all of my goals, which included things like a dance party on the picnic table, hiking in pajama bottoms, grilling a pizza on the campfire, and playing poker (with animal crackers as chips). We had a great time, even though we managed to scare off a bunch of Jumi’s friends with our raucousness. Let it be noted that our camping trips are not really wilderness adventures as much as multi-day parties where we sleep in tents.

We returned to Minneapolis in time to shower and head over to the police state formerly known as St Paul for Take Back Labor Day. I can’t really begin to explain how great it was. The weather was perfect, and even the crowd was great. Tom Morello did an acoustic set that made him sound like Johnny Cash. Slug was downright cheerful, and Atmosphere closing with ‘Always Coming Back Home to You‘ made me cry. And then there was Mos Def. Man. Mos Def is one of those dudes who can rock anything so much harder than you. I’ve been dying to see him for a very long time.

I had four tickets to the Daily Show filming last night, but we decided to pass because seeing Jon Stewart in person was not worth dealing with RNC bullshit. I’m very glad we didn’t go, because the crowd was apparently trapped in the building for a while because of rioting. Crazy times, dudes. I can’t wait for it to be over.

And tonight: Matt and I are going to see Rage Against the Machine. SO EXCITED. I don’t know where the hell Zach’s been for the last 15 years, but I hope he still has the same energy he did last time I saw them. I think I’ll not be wearing flipflops to that show, as we’re on the floor.

Oh, and one last thing!So, I took all my money out of my Wachovia accounts (it served as my discretionary-spending account, while my credit union holds my bills and investment-destined monies), and moved it to Schwab instead. I was irritated at the too-high ATM fees Wachovia charged, and then this mysterious $6 monthly fee they seemed to think was appropriate to charge for using Quicken. (It’s not, and nobody else does that. Also, they told me they had informed me by email about that policy, and that was completely untrue.) Today, I called them to close the account, and was told that there was a $25 fee to close an account within the first six months. HAHAHAHA. I’m pretty sure they’re not the worst major bank, but they’re definitely in the running. I’ll be calling back on September 15 to be done with them, and I can’t wait to explain why.

SOLIDARITY, BROTHERS. We will get through this one way or another, and the 612 will be back to awesome in no time.


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