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I couldn’t be happier about that. Though, to be fair, we wouldn’t have gotten to go to Take Back Labor Day or the Rage show, had it not been for the RNC and its crowd of narrowminded white folks.

I don’t really know what to say about Rage Against the Machine except that it was fucking great. Better than expected. The streets were packed with cops in riot gear, loaded up with zip-tie handcuffs and beatdown sticks. The horse-cop brigade was stationed across the street from Target Center, busily generating a mountain of horse shit to rival the events going on across the river. Probably not coincidentally, the FOX News van was sitting 10 feet away. They frisked us, searched our bags, and for those of us on the floor, took away our ticket stubs in exchange for green wristbands reading NO MOSHING. Um, right.

I’ve been to a handful of shows that have been transcendental in their awesomeness, and this was definitely one of them. For those of you who weren’t there: you seriously missed out.

Afterwards, we all poured out onto First Avenue, which was 1) closed (awesome!) and 2) packed even more full of police and reporters (lame!). Nobody really seemed to care, though; we all just wanted to get the hell out of that depressing mess. Hennepin Avenue was even worse, and then we had to run the gauntlet of delegate buses returning to their downtown hotels (why couldn’t they stay in the suburbs?) under armed guard. It all made Minneapolis a really ugly place to be. Thanks, RNC!

Much later that night, a bunch of kids refused to clear the street when they tried to reopen it, so they were arrested. You know, had there been no riot cops and cameras there, they wouldn’t have stuck around in the first place. I’m pretty sure the cops just get so bored and riled up, they can’t wait for the slightest provocation. It’s gonna be interesting when they find themselves back in Eden Prairie, responding to calls for lost pets and loud parties. Somebody’s gonna find themselves tasered.

Thank god that’s over. We even get our hockey arena back!

Last night, I bowled. On a league. Shut up! Missy asked me a while ago if I’d be the 4th person on their team, so I reluctantly agreed, after much assertation that I am, in fact, the worst bowler ever. So much so that I don’t really enjoy it, I just like hanging out with people. Anyway, there’s apparently this handicap thing, which may make my scores not as damaging to my team. I kind of wish I hadn’t bowled a 110 in one game last night, because I’d prefer my handicap to be based on as low a score as possible.

And tonight… I’ve been looking forward to this for a week now, desperately trying to distact myself from thinking about it. We’re going to see our first house-option immediately after work!! It’s only 6 blocks from Matt’s, and everything else is ideal about it, we just have to see the inside. If that doesn’t work out, I have an extensive list of places we may try to see this weekend. Holy crap, I’m excited. Fingers crossed for an awesome house!!

Have an excellent weekend, youse-all. And take advantage of that 4am bar close, if it’s still about.


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