picnic table dancin’!

Whoa, it’s been a while since I’ve been here. How’s things, internet?

In the last week, we’ve had poker night at Matt’s house with far too many people (picture a round kitchen table and a square card table jammed together with 9 people playing), we’ve been to Pancho Villa, Famous Dave’s to see Matt’s coworker’s husband’s band, Legends, the Eve of Destruction, and a birthday party for my brother and sister, who were born on the same day in different years. Also, we went to the state fair! Why didn’t anyone tell me all the sports-related booths were upstairs in the grandstand??

We’ve also been doing a lot of looking at houses. Not in person yet, just scouting online, since we’re not moving for two months. I’m glad to have determined that, yes, we can rent an entire very nice house within Minneapolis city limits for well within our price range, so I’ve pretty much stopped looking at duplexes (duplices?) and such. Once September rolls around, there should be many more listings for November.

Also in the past week, my phone decided to stop allowing me to use half the buttons. Shortly thereafter, the screen started blanking out whenever I opened or closed the slider. Since I want the Google-fon when it (supposedly) comes out in a few months, I decided to buy the cheapest holdover phone I could find.

I stopped into T-Mobile (note: don’t go to the one in Uptown unless you have an hour to kill) and the dude there told me that if I purchase a phone at the store, even without using my discount, it’ll still affect my contract, which means I wouldn’t be eligible for another discount for two years. He said to stop into Target or K-mart and pick one up, because they’re cheaper anyway. So we did, and the kid at Target told us we’d be fine just buying the prepaid phones: just put your SIM card in, and it’ll work like a regular phone. Who knew? I was figuring I’d be paying a hundred bucks or so; $29.99 later, I was the proud new owner of the crappiest phone on earth.

The Nokia 1208 isn’t burdened with extraneous features like a camera, internet access, or a readable screen. It allows you to place phone calls, send text messages, and play Yahtzee. Also, IT HAS A FLASHLIGHT ON TOP. That helps make it far more amusing, at least.

Anyway, I called T-Mobile that night just to check and see if there was anything they could do about my dead phone, because Matt swore it was less than a year old. And he was right: my warrantee doesn’t expire til September 6. To my great surprise, they shipped me a replacement. I’m sitting here at my desk reloading UPS.com, which promises me that it will arrive today. YAY!

Tomorrow immediately after work, a group of twelve (to fourteen, possibly) of us are heading back to our favorite group site at Interstate State Park in Wisconsin, and we plan to live there right up to the time that we need to get back here to see Mos Def on Harriet Island. The following week looks to be spectacular: the Take Back Labor Day show, the Daily Show taping, Rage Against the Machine, and the first night of bowling league. Yes, I agreed to join a bowling league, because they needed another person. It promises to be catastrophic, but they’ve been warned.

Happy holiday weekend, dudes! See you in September!


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