ALMOST too much to look forward to.


(By which I mean a house to rent, of course. A huge no thank you to buying in this market.)

We’re moving to 54th and Emerson at the end of October!! The place has 3 bedrooms (or a bedroom, guest room, and office, in our case), living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, and 3-season porch on the main floor. There’s a very large family room (read: party room), laundry room, another giant bathroom, and storage room downstairs. The attic is also easily accessible for storage. It has a totally private backyard with patio, fire pit, and currently-untended garden space that we can use for whatever we want. It even comes with a lawnmower and snowblower. I’M GOING TO DIE OF EXCITEMENT.

We’re getting it on Friday 10/24, which means we’ll have a full week to move our two apartments. Since it’s exactly six blocks from Matt’s, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. It’s so great that we’ll still be able to walk to Kowalski’s and such, I’ll be able to go to the same gym, and our commutes don’t change. YAY.

This weekend was very relaxing. We went to Ryan’s for grilling and poker on Friday night, and were home at such a time that getting up at 9am Saturday to order hockey tickets wasn’t painful. Tickets obtained, we spent some quality time on the couch, then Matt went to the Twins game while I went to my apartment to pack.

I’m being very orderly about packing, piling all the boxes neatly in the living room so that moving out is just a matter of emptying that room. They showed my apartment yesterday and will again tonight, and I’m hoping that someone rents it quickly so I don’t have to worry about keeping my pile of boxes from overwhelming the place. I’d say I’m probably at least half done… my closet is empty of everything but clothes and my extensive luggage collection, and the books and most of the kitchen are done as well. One of the things I’m loving about packing, too: it’s an opportunity to get rid of the few extraneous things I own. How often do you organize your sock drawer, really?

We were both fall-down tired Saturday night, so we hung out with cocktails and a movie, and it was excellent. Matt’s parents arrived Sunday afternoon, so we watched a bunch of football, shopped at the new Crate & Barrel in the Galleria (Judy already bought us a housewarming present), and then went to dinner at A La Salsa. This was followed with a trip to Jimmy’s, to show his parents that Northeast does indeed have bars much like those in small-town South Dakota.

Over lunch today, I dropped off the deposit for our house, which means we’re SET. I’ll now fantasize about buying a new bed, having our very own washer and dryer, and what kinds of flowers and vegetables we’re going to plant in the garden. I’ll probably think some dirty thoughts, too, just to balance out all that domesticity.


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