butt ketosis


I’ve had that in my head since I had a dollar roll for lunch. Yep. And I meant to come write a substantial, very deeply-meaningful post, but then it got too close to weekend-time. And I’m lying about that ‘deeply-meaningful’ part anyway.

This week, I’ve been to Klein’s for Monday Night Football and Pete’s Very Special Bad Decision Happy Drinking Time (I did not partake, thank god), hung out on the couch with my favorite boy on Tuesday, celebrated our deuciversary (i.e. 22 months, shut up) on Wednesday with dinner at the Industrial (where we encountered an amusing-yet-sad-and-annoying singles mixer) and naked ladies (the real kind, not the bartop video game) at the Double Deuce, which was especially spectacular. Last night was the second week of bowling, in which I averaged an 83 instead of an 85, so: HOLY CRAP, I’M PRACTICALLY A PROFESSIONAL. Thankfully, 1) the rest of my team is really good, 2) they know I’m bad at bowling, and 3) I beat someone’s score on the other team, so that’s all good. After that, we went to Generic Gigantic Sports Bar to play trivia. Which we won, partly because for half the time, we were the only ones playing.

And that’s this week. I’ve been intermittently packing for half an hour at a time, and I’m hoping the fact that I’ve had no more calls about showings mean that someone’s already signed a lease, and I don’t have to bother keeping my box-pile all neat and orderly. Have you ever smelled a giant heap of slightly-damp cardboard? That’s kind of what my apartment smells like right now, since it’s been rainy and humid. DELICIOUS.

With that, it’s time to get the weekend started. Vaya con awesome, ‘migos!


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