progress report on 101 things in 1001 days (april 2012)

Begin Date: July 4, 2010
End Date: April 1, 2013
Items Completed: 53
Items that will not be Completed: 3

I have 11 months left of of this project!! Can I do it?

I finished 1 thing in April 2012

#94 Host poker night at least twice

Items that will not be finished:

#93 Do the MN Aidswalk again (i waited too long on this, and the next one is the day after we get back from Europe. so it’s not happening.)

Items currently in progress:

#12 Finish my travel journals on within 60 days of getting home from a trip (Las Vegas)

#22 Make at least $100k income in a calendar year

#31 Make a tin-can star mural

#40 Cook a recipe from 20 different countries (18/20: Mozambique, Vietnam)

#51 Have date night with Matt once a month (We went to the Sports Show at MIA, then had dinner.)

#100 put $20 towards debt payoff for each completed task on this list, and $50 for each non-completed task ($20 for the completed item in April, $50 for the incomplete, $1210 total)

Here’s the full list.

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