the answer is ‘sigma’.

Trivia 43 is over, and our team finished second out of 385 teams. (Not all of those teams actually play trivia. Some sign up and party all weekend, as tends to happen in Wisconsin.) The first place team has been the first place team the entire time I’ve played trivia (3 years?), so I like my idea to resort to food-poisoning them or something drastic like that. Here’s the format of a typical question in trivia: “This big-screen character did a thing while wearing some pants and walking past a sign. What was the 16th letter on that sign, translated into Greek?”*

I made it to 6am Saturday night, and finally had to go to bed once the sun came up. Though I’m really bad at having my sleep schedule disrupted, I wish trivia had been next weekend because that’s the same schedule we’ll be on once we arrive in Europe.

Speaking of Europe, there was another change in our cruise itinerary from Portofino to La Spezia, Italy. And while Portofino is gorgeous, I’m not the least bit sad about it: La Spezia is the gateway to Cinque Terre. If you’re not familiar (and why would you not be familiar?), this is what Cinque Terre looks like:

Manarola, Cinque Terre
(photo courtesy of Robert Crum on Flickr.)

So yeah, I’m happy with that change of plans. We’re going to take the train to the farthest of the five, and hop between them on the train til we get to Manarola, from which we’ll take the famous Via dell’Amore to the final town. Sounds kind of perfect for a honeymoon, right?

This week is all about finalizing plans, things like making sure all the bills are scheduled and the banks know to not throw up the fraud flag when we hit the ATM in Tunis. We picked up some more vacation clothing last night at Old Navy and Target, and I’ve been working on marking stuff on paper maps since we can’t count on having Google Maps access. (The absolutely foreign concept of being without Google Maps is proof I rely too much on the internet. Thankfully, that’s about the only thing on the internet I feel lost without.) I still have to plant the rest of the garden this weekend, and then the rest is just packing and feeling smug at work until it’s time to go.

I’ll be back to say goodbye!


*That’s only a slight exaggeration.

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