We made it back from Vegas! Barely! I realized I can sleep just fine on airplanes, provided I’m hung over.

We had a fantastic time, stayed out way too late dancing, did a little-but-not-too-much gambling, got to hang out with some of my favorite people ever, and also I got the cutest shoes and purse around. And since there are a few places we didn’t make it to, we obviously have to go back. Here are some photos! I plan to do some writing about it in the travel journal as well, when I get the time.

Work has been batshit crazy this week, mostly because I’m pushing to finish some of my least favorite projects, i.e. Crystal Reports. Since our return, I’ve finished packing my apartment (all that’s left are the clothes hanging in the closet, and the cleaning), been out to ladies’ night at the CC Club, watched much beisbol, and spent some quality time on the couch with a certain boy. Last night, I went out to my parents’ to confirm their choice of coach-reupholstery fabric (my mom intends to patch up the cat-damage on the armrests), and when I returned, I found Matt in the middle of a massive packing project as well. We’re so ready!!

We get our house in two weeks and one day. And need I remind you that’s exactly two weeks after the beginning of Gophers hockey season?? Yes, we will be back at Mariucci tomorrow night, and therefore it’s already guaranteed to be the best day ever.

GO GOPHERS! Oh, and have a great weekend, everybody.

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