Can I hire one of you guys to update this for me?

I’ve been meaning to write for a few days, but I’ve either been too busy (I’m a superstar at work, thank you) or too distracted by things like moving plans and talking to people. And now it’s Friday again, and it’s almost time to begin the weekend. Hooray!

There’s been much going on; a Gophers game, trainwreck night at the Palace, a couple parties Saturday night (one of which we were at til almost 4am, ouch), the last coin laundry I’ll maybe ever do, Suzi’s and Jaros, many many errands, bowling, and a show at the Turf Club. So, as usual. And also as usual, I’m working on vacation and party planning like crazy. Did you know it’s only 68 days til Christmas? I can’t wait!

But here, my friends, is the greatest excitement one could ever want:

It’s hockey season again. And life is good.


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