Oh man, it’s been a while since I’ve stopped back here. In the past week plus, I’ve been to a Twins game (and watched many more on TV), got a haircut, went bowling twice, got the beginnings of a sinus infection and treated it fast enough to make it disappear, grilled and played Guitar Hero at Ryan’s with Doran accompanying us on a real guitar, went to an awesome hiphop show at Triple Rock where I got to see Mictlan perform Game Over (if you want a song to stick in your head for a week at a time, that’s the one), had my teeth cleaned, moved my couch out of my apartment, cut Matt’s hair, went to Tom Reid’s for pregame, and saw the Wild beat the Blackhawks last night. HOORAY FOR THE RETURN OF HOCKEY.

And that’s it, I think.

Tonight, we’re hopping on a plane to Vegas. We’ll arrive around 11pm, just in time to hit the ground running. Pete, Christa, Klein, Stephanie, Andy, and Kristina are either there now or will be arriving around the same time as we are. Steve and Colleen are flying in tomorrow. I may die of awesome.

But if I survive, I will be back here to tell you about it. See you next week!


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