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The few days before moving are the worst. We’re ready to go, and have to just sit and wait til we can go get the keys (as early Friday morning as possible, I hope). My apartment is clean to the point that all I’ll have to do post-moving is sweep once more. Almost everything is piled in my living room, in somewhat-logical order, to make getting it out the door and into the trailer easier. Matt’s almost completely packed, though his mom has demanded he leave the kitchen unboxed, so she has something to do on Sunday.

I’ve changed addresses with every financial institution and internet service on earth. We’ve talked to Xcel Energy, Centerpoint, the city for water and trash, T-Mobile, and Comcast, which can go ahead and SUCK IT in the most thorough and unpleasant way possible. Because out of everyone, they’re the only company with consistently terrible customer service, and ridiculously high prices.

Tonight we’re going to go do some planning-related shopping, and then I will bake another batch of the Greatest Cupcake-based Invention on Earth, so I can take them to be sampled and voted-upon by people tomorrow. The final goal is to serve them at our housewarming party. I shall also bake a sour cream apple pie for Matt’s parents. Tomorrow I have physical therapy, bowling, and then we’re going to my parents’ to pick up the sexy, sexy purple minivan known as Barney. We’ll be using that to move some stuff Friday, and then to go get the trailer Friday evening for the big move on Saturday.

If all goes well, we’ll be completely moved by the end of the weekend, and will only have apartment-cleaning to do over the next week. If you’re in the 612 and are just jonesing to carry heavy stuff in exchange for pizza and all the Sparks you can drink, you just let me know.

Many photos will be forthcoming from our new home as well. YAY!!


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