pink sand!

Reasons this has been such a great week:

1) We saw a Twins game from the Budweiser Roof Deck last night. Everyone comes out of the elevator bay waving their arms around like it’s the greatest thing ever, and that’s pretty much how I felt about it, too. It was fantastic. (And also item #99 on my 101 Things list.)

view from our seats on the roof deck (195/365)

2) One of our very important wedding plans was in question, but I got confirmation that it should work out fine. I’m so excited!

3) My garden is in full production mode. I made a salad with all this stuff:

my harvest (193/365)


4) I got a raise! (Working on item #22 on my 101 Things list.)

5) We’re officially booked on a flight to Bermuda!!! We’re going Thursday-Sunday next week. No word on where we’re staying yet, but I’m pretty sure we’ll know before we leave. Let’s hope. (This is for the trip Matt won… the company who awarded the prize is making the travel arrangements.)

You know what I want to see there? THIS. The next five days need to hurry the hell up.

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