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Last weekend was the fifth annual Draft Party, which has become so legendary and ill-advised that no one was willing to host it at their house anymore. Joe offered up the use of his cabin near Brainerd, which seemed pretty ideal to us.

We headed out of town after work on Friday, conveniently encountering Wendy and Amelia along the way. We stopped for dinner at the Y. It’s a tradition.

the Y

The bartender kept trying to foist Jello shots on us, then demonstrated the concepts of real versus fake via simulated orgasm, even though it was somehow supposed to apply to chipotle sauce. I’m not sure. Also, one of the servers recognized us from the last time we were there, i.e. A YEAR AGO. Things move a little slower in Garrison, Minnesota.

garrison's giant fish

We spent Friday night setting up tents, grilling dinner, hanging out around the campfire, and then sitting in the gazebo when the mosquitoes threatened to drain us of all our blood. The unusual amount of rain plus heat has bred some killer bugs this summer.

biebs and willie (189/365)

Saturday, we had breakfast and then five of us and three dogs went for a ride around the lake on the pontoon. I hung out with my new pal Leo, who is the nicest dog I’ve ever met. Seriously, if there was a way to convince him to never poop and also watch the house anytime we go on vacation, I would want him to come live with us. The poop thing is kind of a deal-breaker, though.


The rest of the draft party group arrived mid-afternoon, and the festivities began around three. We played rounds of bocce, jarts, and cards to determine draft order (I lost my first-place ranking because Ryan and I are not very clutch jarts athletes). It was so hot in the yard that we were all dying of sweatiness, so we decided to take the draft party to the nearby mine lake. We changed into bathing suits, piled into cars, and headed over to swim.

The mine lake was AMAZING. It’s deep, and the water is very clear. Also, they’d had the foresight to bring a cooler along, so we got to hang out in there for a couple of hours drinking beer. (Fun fact: beer floats no matter how far you throw it into the lake. Also, being a girl gives you a distinct advantage when swimming with a beer, because you can just tuck it into the bra of your bathing suit and have full use of your arms.)

It was finally time to head back and begin the actual draft party, but only after some more grilling and about 30 bags of potato chips.

the draft board

The party was awesome, and nobody fell in the fire or drowned in the lake, so it was an all-around success. The only downside was when most of the group decided that getting up at 8am was a great idea. We disagreed, but it was about 100 degrees in the tent and we weren’t likely to sleep anyway. So we packed up and headed home, where we found this awaiting us:

a thing that happened while we were gone (191/365)

Stupid weather. Time for a new patio table!

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  1. Reply gwenNo Gravatar Jul 18, 2011 1:25 pm

    wait. what? did your table just explode?

    • Reply jenniNo Gravatar Jul 18, 2011 1:43 pm

      the umbrella was in the table during a huge storm, so we think it shattered the table as it flew out. crazy.

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