soy de calle. really!

GUYS. I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE. I’ll get better photos once we unbury ourselves from boxes.

Extreme amounts of thanks go to Wendy, Amelia, Cindi, Dan, Jumi, and Stephanie for lending their arms, their backs, and their vehicles to our moving effort. Matt and I brought over as many boxes as we could on Friday in my parents’ minivan, and then everyone convened on Saturday to move furniture and the contents of my apartment with a trailer we borrowed from a coworker. We moved two apartments in about 7 hours, a number I think may qualify as a world record. For future reference: when you think you want to die, turn to Sparks Malt Energy Beverage. It will keep you going.

Matt’s parents have been here the last couple days, helping us clean and keeping us in free dinners. Last night, they accompanied us to West Elm, where we bought a bed, and Menards to pick out the perfect shelves for our pantry. Matt stepped off the sidewalk and sprained his ankle while carrying in bed pieces, so he is currently at home on the couch exercising RICE to the fullest. I’d be jealous, if it weren’t for the pain thing.

Anyway, Suzi tagged me to do this 7 Random Things About Me meme, and I have no choice but to comply, or she’ll show me her thong. This is hard because I feel like you all know everything about me already.

  1. I can’t sit quietly at my desk for more than half an hour. I get up for water or to go to the bathroom at least 15 times a day.
  2. Gophers hockey at Mariucci Arena is like a religious experience for me. I know you know that I love me some hockey, but you probably don’t realize the extent of it. I’ve never been so excited or yelled so loud in my life as I have at Gophers games. One time, I got so agitated that my blood sugar crashed and I worried I was going to pass out. Hockey is that awesome.
  3. I become very, very crabby when I’m not good at things. It doesn’t bother me when I first start doing something and I suck at it, but I have the expectation that with some practice and more understanding, I will become better at it. If I don’t, I become irate. See: bowling. (I am actually improving. Just very slowly.)
  4. I am a master logistician. That’s because inside my head, the world looks like a gigantic flowchart, and my job is to pick out the most efficient ways to navigate it. Pretty sure this is why databases and I get along so well.
  5. I cry when I think about some of the places I’ve been. Happy crying, of course.
  6. When I was a little kid, I had these tiny ceramic kittens. I convinced myself that they were models of real tiny kittens, ones that lived in the cracks of the sidewalk outside my house. I planned to find them and care for them in elaborate homes made of shoeboxes and Legos. I became so obsessed with building their habitat that I never actually got around to finding them in the sidewalk.I only thought of this because we were going through boxes of my stuff that hadn’t been opened in at least 10 years. That was awesome.
  7. I ate a mothball once. It tastes even worse than you’d think.

And now I tag: EVERYONE ON EARTH. DO IT. I’m going to go back to staring at this copy of Guitar Hero: World Tour and wondering where the hell wiimote #3, the one that’s not at Ryan’s, is lurking.


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