I’m sure there will be a time when I don’t feel like I’m rushing to do a million things at once, but I suspect that time will not be until after the wedding. Which is only three and a half months away, so I don’t know if I should panic or be relieved about that.

Matt’s parents stayed with us last Thursday so that Judy could use her gift certificate at Tangletown Gardens. We didn’t have dinner at Wise Acre after all (it was too crowded), but went to Cocina del Barrio and Cafe Maude instead. They also took us to the Depot for lunch on Friday, which is exactly as close to First Ave as they’ll probably ever get. Awesome.

Friday, of course, was Friday Night Meats. Joe and Missy hosted, so we got to sit in the driveway and drink (beer and tequila shots, which was surprisingly not really disastrous for anyone). Also, I got to hang out with my favorite cat.

emo cat is emo (154/365)

Matt and I had long ago declared (after watching The Wire) that we wanted to sit in the driveway and watch for cops driving by so we could yell “5-0!” When I told Missy that, she said I’d be out of luck, because cops never drove past there.

Did three of them pass that night? Yes they did. 5-0!!

Saturday afternoon, we went to the zoo (#57 on my 101 Things list!). Except for shows, the Imax, and the 3-Day, I hadn’t been there in years. A lot has changed, but they still have my favorite things there: tapirs and goats. Yes, I went to the zoo to see goats.

goat! (155/365)

In the evening, we went to the Bullfrog for dinner (consensus: good Cajun food, will return), then had cocktails at Eli’s and Bradstreet. After catching up on all the latest local bartender gossip, we went over to the other side of the river for Northern Spark.

It was distressing to see the weird (read: stupid) performance art thing that was going on in the bandshell where we’re getting married, but apart from that it was pretty amazing. We saw the sperm and egg chase on the Stone Arch Bridge, and the projections on the mills along the riverfront. Just seeing the river moving at that speed was pretty incredible, too.

minneapolis riverfront

We ended the night with a drink and the photobooth at Nye’s, which will also play a role in our wedding.

On Sunday, we went to swim laps, then did lots of work in the yard. I filled the potato bins to the top, because the plants are already at least 4″ taller than that. If those bins are a success, we may have potatoes to last us til the end of time. We sanded and weather-proofed the adirondack chairs, because they were badly in need of it. Then we pulled weeds, put down landscape fabric, and mulched the ugly garden on the north side of the house. I wanted something as maintenance-free as possible, since we never see it; we mostly did it so we didn’t have to be embarrassed about the neighbors seeing it like that all the time.

It’s a huge improvement, and also knocked off #79 on my 101 Things list.

We made burritos last night, and got to use the first pepper from the garden already! I can’t even tell what it is yet, since the plants aren’t labeled (I don’t know if that was my oversight or if they blew away). We’re guessing serrano, but we’ll have to wait and see. I’ve used a ton of cilantro in the past week, since that’s growing like crazy. We have usable chard, rhubarb, lettuce, and kale, and should have zucchini soon as well. My garden is awesome.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so we’re taking a happy hour cruise on the Mississippi and then going to dinner. The thing I’ve discovered about wedding planning is that it makes you completely forget about things like your birthday, so it was kind of surprise to both of us!

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