it’s 100 days til the wedding?

Tonight we’re heading westbound to Watertown for our first wedding shower with a bunch of Matt’s parents’ friends. They’re expecting more than 20 people there at the Irish pub downtown (I’ve met 6 of them, I think). Joe and Missy are coming, too, and we’re all staying at the hotel that has the bar where beer taps are conveniently built into the tables, so you can be assured that it will be a good time.

I celebrated my birthday on Wednesday! Jumi and Cindi joined us for the happy hour cruise on the Mississippi, which was really entertaining. We’ve been on that boat three times, and learned something new on each trip.

the northstar line going over the mississippi

After the cruise, we went to Masu for dinner. Everything there was fantastic: the food, the cocktails, and the service. We’ll definitely be going back!

cocktails at masu

We had happy hour with Missy, Joe, Wendy, and Amelia last night, then went to the Twins game. (It ended with a clutch double by Casilla in the bottom of the ninth, proving that absolutely nothing makes sense with the Twins this year.) The annoying thing I learned while there is that they will not serve to you even when you have a totally legal clipped drivers license. So if you also just had a birthday and had to renew your license, you should have someone else buy you the drinks, or they might treat you like you’re 17.


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