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So, I read a lot of wedding blogs, as we’re a mere 197 days from our own. Not that I’m counting, the internet just likes to remind me. A lot.

What I’ve learned from these wedding blogs is that people really, really like to do the same exact thing as everyone else. I’m not sure if that’s a function of wedding planners all drawing from the same limited trend pool, or if maybe everyone is reading the same wedding blogs that I am. At any rate, I see the same exact things coming up over and over in every wedding gallery, to the point that it’s become a joke.

Because of all this, I have pledged to myself to have exactly zero of the following at our wedding:

1. birds (please reference¬†Portlandia’s ‘Put a bird on it!’)

2. bikes. and especially tandem bikes.

3. mustaches. for the love of god, knock it off with the stupid mustaches on sticks.

4. succulents (what is it with succulents instead of flowers?)

5. drinks in jars

6. lemonade (see #5)

7. a different dress for the ceremony and reception

Our wedding will also not cost more than a car. (The honeymoon, on the other hand… well, we all have our priorities.)

Anyway! As of 4pm today, we’re on vacation. Matt did a good job of detailing our Vegas-via-Iowa plans already, so I’ll not repeat that. Since we’re staying in Waterloo tonight (at Waterloo’s finest hotel, according to their website), I’ve had Abba stuck in my head all day. Also, I love that we have a layover in Minneapolis, so we’ll be back here for a little over an hour on Saturday night before heading to Vegas. We could’ve driven back and just flown from here, but you midwesterners know how it goes with the weather this time of year.

If there’s a snow emergency next week, can someone come move my car? I’ll bring you back something awesome from Vegas.

7 thoughts on “finally facing my waterloo

  1. Reply Dan B.No Gravatar Mar 4, 2011 10:58 am

    Hey what’s wrong with bikes at the wedding? We had bikes at ours! (Subtly.) We *cough* won’t *cough* discuss price *cough*cough*.

  2. Reply Paul JahnNo Gravatar Mar 4, 2011 11:42 am

    Very cool. Stayed at that Ramada a couple months ago. If you two plan to see the town at all, the perfect dive bar ever is 1/2 block away called the Drunken Monkey. If so, best to bring cash. The owner doesn’t accept cards and when I was their the ATM was out of order. Have fun!

  3. Reply cheleNo Gravatar Mar 4, 2011 3:36 pm

    THANK YOU for not having any of those things. And as your officiant, I promise not to do anything lame.


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