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The other night, Matt and I gathered our $55 in Target gift cards and got ourselves a new HP printer that was on sale for $60. I’ve been pretty thrilled with our $5 purchase, because it also has a scanner, and you can do magical things like email it a file and it’ll print it for you. (Seriously, go at least five years between technology purchases. You will always be amazed at all the new features, and how much cheaper things have gotten.)

This weekend we celebrated Matt’s birthday with a bunch of people at Stub’s, then on Saturday went to senior night at the Gophers game, where they swept Michigan Tech. On Sunday, we joined Missy, Joe, and Doran at the Lyndale Taphouse for trivia. We did not do that well, because it was about the Oscars and current events, two things we care very little about. The food and beer were great, though!

I also accomplished this over the weekend:

orange marmalade! (58/365)

Orange marmalade! And salsa, which allowed me to try out my pressure canner. I’m considering just replacing our lawn with tomato and pepper plants this year, because I’m totally prepared to preserve that stuff like crazy.

Matt’s parents were in town last night for his mom’s 70th birthday. They were staying at the W, so I brought Missy and Joe with me to surprise her. We had cocktails in the room, then went up to see the observation deck atop the Foshay Tower. I’ve wanted to do that forever (it’s on my 101 Things list, even), and it was excellent despite the crazy cold wind up there.

from the foshay tower


from the foshay tower (60/365)

We had dinner at Manny’s. I was very much not thrilled with being a vegetarian in a steakhouse, but it was Judy’s birthday. The server did not win any points with me by joking about vegetarians with Matt (in that nudge-nudge ‘aren’t ladies crazy’ kind of way). The worst moment, though, was when he picked up the lobster from the meat cart and it moved. When he put it back down, its claw flopped off the plate in the most depressing manner possible. That freaked me out a lot.

The food wasn’t that great (apparently meat is the only thing they bother doing well), but they were nice to Judy on her birthday, so it was worth it. We ended the evening with cocktails at Prohibition, and that’s exactly why I’m not exactly high-functioning today.

Tonight we’ll be packing for Vegas! We don’t leave til Friday after work, but we have a show tomorrow night and won’t be around. Perhaps before we leave, I’ll explain why the hell we’re going there via Iowa!

Speaking of my 101 Things list, it’s finally actually 101 things! I’d had spots reserved for additional items at the bottom, and those are now assigned. The last three items are:

1) Rebuild my iTunes library, since I lost it in the great hard drive/backup drive crash of 2010 (and we need my awesome dance music for the wedding)

2) Buy fresh flowers every week for a month (stolen idea!)

3) Re-watch 10 movies that I love (I’m really bad at ever getting around to watching movies. This will help.)

Does anyone else with a 101 Things list make a list of items to try to complete each month, or am I just that kind of nerd? I admit that I’m a little too compulsive in my organization.

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  1. Reply MattNo Gravatar Mar 2, 2011 4:06 pm

    Totally don’t make lists to complete each month. That will probably came back to bite me at the end, but I do review it fairly regularly to work towards crossing things off. I’m at 14 and I should be able to cross off about 5 things in my upcoming FL trip. I try to stack things.

  2. Reply ClintNo Gravatar Mar 9, 2011 9:16 am

    I have a list of things to do, but 101 things to do…a month??! That’s awesome. There is no way I could do that.

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